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Great article from Sarah!

The Cognitive Canine

Reducing stress, leveling out arousal, and achieving the optimum working state in our dogs are all things people in dog sports or dog training are interested in. Most of the emails I receive are about these things; people want help for their crazy dogs, their shy dogs, their too-eager dogs, and their reluctant dogs. There is one piece of information all of these people need, and it’s here, in detail, for free. Season of giving, and all.

A while back I talked about consent in dog training and care, and I wrote about the concept of incorporating a “yes” signal for your dog in husbandry training. Fresh off a Perfect Patients workshop in Portland, I am more jazzed than ever about this topic. I watched it pave the way for a safe and cooperative learning environment for the participants, and it left me bubbling over with love for my job.

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