Upcoming Online Classes – Agility U and Fenzi Dog Sports!

Hi Everyone!

This year I have an exciting slate of Online Classes being offered through Agility Univeristy and Fenzi Dog Sports!  I will also still be offering my Online Workshops throughout the year on Fluid Motion Agility. 

Below is a list of the upcoming classes and what they will be covering. I will be adding more later in the year,  please contact me with any questions you may have!


Handling at a Distance – Offered through Agility Univeristy 

Start date: Feb 16th 

Want to increase your distance skills? Want to smooth out your handling for distance work? In this class Amanda will be going over how she teaches her dogs distance skills and her “Cues for Q’s” system. Students will learn how to reward for distance, what cues to use where, and how to increase their dog’s confidence for distance work.

During this class, students will learn how Amanda starts her dogs distance training and how she uses her Base Cues to give a clear picture between handler and dog for distance work. She will show students from the ground up how to achieve distance with their dog for all styles of agility and how her handling system can be tailored to work for every unique handler and dog team. Amanda will also discuss how to reward at a distance, when and where to reward, and when to use toys vs. food.

Intro to Distance – Offered through Fenzi Dog Sports 

Start Date: April 1st 

During this class, Amanda will be teaching her foundation training system that she uses with all of her dogs for distance skill training.
She will be going over all of her ground work exercises that teach a strong connection between dog and handler. These exercises also teach the dog confidence, which is crucial to distance work.
Students will learn her three base cues and where to use them on the agility course, where to reward your dog for distance, and when to use toys vs. food.
All of these exercises will focus on the groundwork skills needed for more advanced distance work that will be in the Intermediate Distance class.

Whether you have a young dog just starting their agility career or a more advanced dog that you would like to increase their distance skills, this class will teach a solid foundation for fast, fun distance work!

Directionals at a Distance – Offered through Agility Univeristy 

Start Date: May 3rd 

Amanda will be covering how she teaches all of her directionals and how she builds confidence in her dog to perform those directionals at a distance. Students will learn how to cue their dog for a turn and how to start increasing distance between themselves and their dog. Students will also be learning how to adjust the cues for their dogs to create a handling system that is unique to each student and dog. At the end of the class, students will work on distance and directional drills to fine tune their directional skills, while continuing to increase distance.


Beginning Distance – Offered through Fenzi Dog Sports 

Start Date: June 1st 

In this class Amanda will be building on the foundations taught in the Intro to Distance class. Students will learn how to start adding distance to more difficult sequences and how the different handling cues will affect the dogs turns and speed at a distance. Students will be learning how to add distance to sequences such as Pinwheels, 180’s, Serpentines, and Discriminations.  Students will also be introduced to the difference between vertical distance and lateral distance, we will work on teaching the dog to have confidence in both.


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